Epipen policy and implementation

Current law (SB 1266; BP/AR 5141.21) now requires schools to provide emergency epinephrine for individuals who may be experiencing anaphylaxis.  Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction which can occur after expose to an allergen, an insect sting or even (rare) after exercise.  Without immediate administration of epinephrine and summoning Emergency Medical Services (911), death could occur.  Certain individuals may experience anaphylaxis that have no known previous history an allergy and therefore, may not have their own prescription. A school staff member will administer this emergency injection to any student believed to be suffering from anaphylaxis and activate Emergency Management Services (911). Parent will be notified of the emergency and action taken.

 IF YOU DO NOT WANT your child to receive the emergency epinephrine injection, please NOTIFY THE SCHOOL IN WRITING.

Husky parents and students:

We will be making a change to our lunch drop off procedure. Effective Monday, November 3rd, the Lunch Drop Off location will be relocated to the Husky Student entrance. As a reminder, only drinks that are in screw top containers are allowed on school grounds. Also, Chino Hills High School is not responsible for lost/stolen lunches. Thank you for your cooperation.