• Information on securing your Cap & Gown can be found by clicking on the tab on left. 
    • If students did not purchase their class ring sophomore or junior year they can purchase a Basic female ring for approximately $80.00 and a male ring for $90.00. This is optional.
    • Senior Yearbook Dedication Page - This information will be posted at the beginning of the school year. These pages are in full color.
    • Senior Portraits - use this think to our photographer PSS Imaging  or visit their website at 
    • Grad Nite - Flier can be found 2017 Grad Nite. Current price as of 8/5/16 is $200.00 for those who wish to attend. This is optional. You can also go to  for more information.
    • Students will be able to purchase senior Class of 2017 wear (T-shirts and sweatshirts) from the Student Store or from the Webstore at