• I just wanted to send out a special thanks to all of the parents who have sent snacks for testing this week and for the week in May! We are set to go and I know the students are going to perform so well on their SBAC testing. 

    (I like this quote!!)

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    Thanks for all of your support parents!!

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  • ucla  
    University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Room 14
    Professor Nina King, 4th Grade 
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  • We are at the start of the final trimester of school.


    Some of the things you should expect are the scholars will be writing in cursive all of the time now. They will be writing a lot more in all genres of writing: summary, opinions, narrative, and informative. The skills they will need to advance in are certainly being able to provide evidence for their answers, as well as citing sources. They will have to be able to type move fluently and practice for the SBAC testing which will start in April.

    We have started taking a test or two to practice the SBAC. Please take time at home to look up other ways the scholars can practice as well.


    We will be working on math a lot more to make sure that we cover all of the chapters before testing begins. 

    We are continuing to work on fractions as well as changing fractions to decimals!! A difficult concept for some, so if you have any tricks at home that you would like to show your scholars feel free to do so!!


    We are anticipating holding off on science until the end of April and we will studying social studies until then, specifically the Gold Rush.


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    THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017






    FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017





    SBAC Practice Test Website


    SBAC practice site

    Then click on: Go To the Test

    Sign in as a guest

    pull down: 4th grade

    Lastly, choose the topic you would like to practice

    These results are not saved and each time you return you may see the same questions again, you may have to pass through those you have already done by putting an answer in again.


    California Travel Journal Project

    If you need to see the directions to the California Travel Journal, please go to Mrs. Fort's webpage. 


    SBAC Testing Dates

    April 10-13, 2017 (ELA)

    May 8-11, 2017 (Math)



      One Drive accounts:

    go to the district website under the student tab

    Click on:  https://login.microsoftonline.com/ 

    username: student's regular user name for school@stu.chino.k12.ca.us

    password: student's regular password for school



    All the Right Type:

    log in as a school user with your regular username and password and the

    school code is: usacachino1012.


    UPCOMING TESTS/Projects:

    • Math: Topic 14 TBD
    • Social Studies: 
    • Science: 
    • Reading: AR tests should be weekly if not more 
    • Writing:
    • Language Arts: 



    • Computer Lab (MIT): Wed and Fri afternoons at 2:30 (dismissal from there)
    • Music (Julliard): Monday mornings at 9:30
    • Library (Bookery): Thursday afternoons at 3:00
    • PE: Mon and Thur mornings at 10:55
    • Mileage Club:Tues and Fri mornings at 8:40





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Parent Collegiate Night Sway

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