University of Oklahoma
U of OK
Professor Julie Crawford
 3rd Grade
Room 20

               School is almost out! sun
                        Almost time to have fun in
                                  the SUN!! 
        We've had a great year - I'm very proud
                  of all my students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!class
    Have a fun, safe, relaxed, blessed summer!!!!
            Thank you for a great year!!!!
                                         Mrs. Crawford 
Parents please sign up for REMIND.  It's an app that I can communicate to everyone through easily.  You need to text 81010 and the password is @oklahomas.
Q U O T E S: 
    "Super Sooners never give up  - never give in!"

Super Sooners do their best!!!
Sooner Celebrations:
May:              Field Day-May 30
                      Ice Cream Party-May 31
June:             June 1st last day of school :)

Notice:                Due to drastic budget cuts we  continue to be in need of some
                              supplies.   If you  can help in any way with the following,
                              it would be most appreciated.
                                                                (None at this time)
                                          Thank you for all the supplies for the classroom!!!!
Classroom Activities for the Week of:       May 28 thru June 2, 2017

Math -                                                                          
Reading -                       
Writing -                                              
Science -           
Poem -             
Project -        
Field Trip    P
This Week at a Glance:
Monday:      HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!
                        Morning Assembly -  All students are encouraged to wear
                    their University T-shirt to show their class spirit.
 Tuesday:             Full Day - Field Day
Wednesday:        Staff Meeting  - 3:30 - 4:30                                               
Thursday:           Early Dismissal - 12:10 Last Day of School!
                          Rhodes Spirit Day -  Don't forget that every Friday is
                         Spirit Day. All students  are encouraged to wear their Rhodes
                  spirit t-shirt  or Rhodes hat on this day to show their school
                  spirit.  100% participation is needed in order to have a
                          "Rhodie"  or "Scholar",  or the puppies visit our classroom
                           for the week.                 
 Academic Plan:
          All standards are based on Common Core Standards
 ELA:        In ELA, our class will be working on Language/Writing
                        Conventions  and Reading Comprehension.  We will be working
                    to understand the elements of a story, central message or
                       theme in fiction stories,;  as well as finding answers and the
                       main idea  in non-fiction text.
                             Lastly,  we will practice writing a paragraph(or  more)
                       which should include a topic sentence, details, explanations,
                       and a  conclusion. We will also be doing research reports -writing
                       5 -  6 paragraphs after researching a topic.  All of what we will be
                      doing is part of the  California Common Core Standards for
                      3rd grade.
MATH -         TEST PREP- review all math skills. 
                               We will continue to memorize multiplication facts and take a
                                quiz each Friday to show mastery and automaticity
                             of each  fact.  Must learn  one fact each week
                                                    MULTIPLICATION MONSTERS
                                                             1. Connor Chen
                                                             2. Kian Hendricks
                                                             3. Anuj Patel
                                                             4. Tanmayi Immadisetty
                                                             5.Priya Devine
                                                             6. Thomas Truett
                                                             7. Emily Nakasaki
                                                             8. Dexter Villapando
                                                             9. Austin Williams
                                                            10.Olivia Lee                                                        
                                                            11. Cindy Qu
                                                            12. Reagan Ruiz
                                                            13.Sashrik Selva
                                                            14.Jizelle Trejo
                                                            15.Om Soushetty
                                                            16.Janie Lingad
                                                            17.Izabel Gaston
                                                            18.Sean Cruz
                                                            19. Ireland Churchill
                                                            20. Candice Tseng 
                                                           21. Christian Brown
                                                           22. Kolby Laing 
Reading -    Third grade will be using the Accelerated Reading program
                                     this year.  We will have a goal to meet each month and
                         a accumulative  goal as the year  progresses.  It is a very
                         achievable goal.  Students must read a book and then they
                         can take an AR test in class, library, or computers.
                                 AR goals are now tailored individually to each student. 
                                Please see Friday Folder for student goals and their per-
                               centage of progress toward meeting their goal.  Get reading
                                to meet and/or surpass your goal!!
Science -    In chapter 4,  we will be learning about SPACE.  We will
                       be discovering what is out in space in our galaxy.
                   The Student Science book is accessible from the Internet. 
                         Here is the Internet Site:  www.
                         Username:  CVUSDStudent3
                         Password:   password
 History -    Chapter 9 - We will be learning about all the
                            important national and state symbols, along with
                        landmarks found in the  United States. 
Poem:            Declaration of Independence - Excellent job!

Book Report: