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  • Week of May1

    ELA:We are finishing up learning about butterflies, and we will be writing and making a craft about their life cycle.  We will continue to work on our opinion writings - getting one step closer to writing our opinion whether bees or ladybugs are more important.  We will be reading about bees this week.  We will also begin to learn about verbs.

    Math: We are starting on testing Topic 15 - Geometry on Wednesday.  We will begin Topic 16 - Fractions of Shapes on Thursday.

    Science: We are beginning our chapter on Environments and Habitats.  We are learning about the habitats in the mountains.  We have also begun observing live caterpillars in our classroom.  We are recording our observations in our observation book.  We will also be planting a lima bean as we prepare to learn about plants and plant parts next week.

    Second Step (A Skills for Social and Academic Success program): We the steps for calming ourselves down and identifying the feelings we are having.


    Special Notes for the week:

    Manushri - Scholar of the Week

    Addison's birthday - Friday, May 5.












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