CVUSD Physical Fitness Test Training & Resources

The window for the Physical Fitness Test is now open.  Please use the resources below to prepare for, coordinate, and administer the test.

General Notes 

  • Important 2017 PFT Testing Dates and Reminders
    • 2017 PFT Testing Window will open on March 1 and close on April 7 . The state’s window is open a bit longer, but this smaller window for the district allows us time to check for and correct errors before I submit the district’s data.
    • Data Entry using March 1 – April 21, 2017
    • PFT Site Coordinator runs Physical Fitness Test Error Report in AERIES: March 1 - April 21 2017 (See handout #3)
  • Students to be Tested
    • ALL Grade 5, 7 and 9 Students
      • Sites must test ALL students in regular P.E. classes, Adaptive P.E. classes, Band and/or athletes taking athletic P.E.
      • Special Education Students: Variations and accommodations should be specified in the student’s IEP or 504 plan
      • Account for ALL I.S., Home Base, and Home /Hospital students
  • Printing PFT Data Entry Forms
    • PFT Data Entry Forms can be printed for P.E. Teachers to collect data (See handout #1)
  • PFT Data Entry
    • Results are input into (see handout #2).  Inputting for is virtually the same except that the Physical Fitness Test hyperlink is on the menu to the left as soon as a teacher logs on
  • Common Errors and Important Testing Codes
    • Please use help document : Common Errors and Testing Codes (see handout #3)
Testing Coordinators Material
"What's New Webinar"This is a link to a PFT resources page that has a 40 minute video for PFT Coordinators. It's the first video under "Webinar"
"What's New" PowerPoint
Accompanies the "What's New" webinar
 PFT Overview10 minute video to introduce the overall PFT.  Good to share with anyone not familiar with the test and the reports generated. 
 2016-17 PFT Coordinator's ManualThis manual provides PFT Coordinators with the information and resources needed to prepare, coordinate, and carry out all the activities associated with the 2016-17 PFT. 
  Print out Data Entry Forms in Aeries
Handout #1
Step-by-step guide to printing out data entry forms via Aeries for elementary teachers or for those at the secondary level whose class is designated as a PE course.  
 Error Checking - MUST DO
Handout #3
This is a screen shot version of how to check and correct errors in Aeries.  Please plan on checking for and correcting errors regularly while the window is open.
 Test Administration (teachers)
PFT Reference Guide 
Detailed descriptions of the fitness areas, the data collection requirements, most of the equations used in scoring, the performance standards, and suggestions for facilitating the administration of the different test options. 
 Training videos
PFT videos that comply with California Code of Regulations are provided for all thirteen of the FITNESSGRAM® tests, as described in the current FITNESSGRAM® Test Administration Manual.

Prior to watching these videos, PFT Coordinators and physical education teachers should read the Reference Guide and test protocols described in the FITNESSGRAM® Test Administration Manual, as the manual provides additional information not reflected in these videos. 
ABI Data Input - HowTo
Handout #2
Use this set of screen shots as a guide for how to input data into ABI
 SAMPLE Student Data Collection Form One Sample of a convenient way to collect individual student data for inputting into Aeries.